Create a 4 dimensional customer avatar!

4 dimensional customer avatar

The 4 Dimensional Customer Avatar.

To create a really effective customer avatar, you need to go beyond the single dimension of demographics and really understand what interests and motivates your audience to engage with you, and why they will buy from you.

Using this simple model and template you can define and describe your ideal customer profile using the four different dimensions as follows.

The 4 dimensional Customer Avatar (how to create your ideal customer profile)


The first dimension: Demographics

Customer demographics is generally the starting point for the creation of any customer profile or avatar. Basically the questions to build a demographic profile are all around functional or factual data.

For example, how old is your ideal customer? Are they male or female? Where do they live? What job title do they have? (more specific to B2B targeting) What’s their financial situation etc.

This information is always a good starting point, but it only really skims the very surface of the profile you need to create.

The second dimension: Interests

Customer interest is the second dimension. This dimension helps us identify ‘Where’ our potential ideal customer can be found. What are there interests either professionally or personally? Who do they connect with and who are their influencers? What magazines do they read, or what web site do they regularly visit? What communities or groups are they members of?

If we know more about the interests and influencers of our audience then we can start to create messages that will attract their attention.

The third dimension: Pains

The 3rd dimension is of your customer avatar is ‘Pains’. This dimension asks the questions around what are their challenges or frustrations? This is both in their daily lives and also with specific reference to your product or service.

So what are their pre-conceptions? What are the negative connotations associated with your product or service? What sort of bad experiences may they have had in the past? What are they currently thinking and feeling?

The fourth dimension: Gains

The fourth and final dimension is “Gains”. This dimension of your customer avatar or ideal customer profile, is all about your ideal customer’s dreams, aspirations or desired outcomes.

So, what result or results are the looking for with regards to your product or service? What would be a good outcome for your prospective customers from engaging with your business, products and services? How will it impact their lives or experiences of what they enjoy doing?

Creating your customer avatar.

By leveraging your 4 dimensional customer avatar, you can create more powerful marketing messages that meet real market needs. With the complete picture of your customer avatar you can more effectively Target, Attract, Engage & Convert more of your ideal customers.

4 dimensional customer avatar

Accurate targeting

The demographics dimension will enable you to understand who your audience are and where you need placing your messages in order to effectively target them.

Attracting attention

The characteristics dimension will enable you to more clearly understand what interested and influences them and what will consequently attract their attention.

Connecting and Engaging

The Pain dimension is where your marketing messages and imagery need to really connect and engage with your audience, by showing a real empathy for their needs, concerns and challenges.

Converting prospects into customers

The final ‘Gain’ dimension is where your marketing messages need to deliver a proposition which meets the aspirations, results or outcomes that your ideal customer audience is looking for.

The power of your avatar

The real clarity about your ideal customer avatar, you can more quickly and easily develop messaging that you know will target, attract, engage and convert more of your ideal customers.

This alignment of your marketing messages to real market needs is referred to as message to market match, which is discussed in another article on this site.

The message to market match formula is a simple way of analyzing the power and effectiveness of your existing marketing messages. A strong message to market match will provide the highest levels of attraction, engagement and conversion, providing the optimum ROI in terms of marketing investment.




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