Create a 4 dimensional customer avatar!

Create a 4 dimensional customer avatar! 4 dimensional customer avatar

The 4 Dimensional Customer Avatar. To create a really effective customer avatar, you need to go beyond the single dimension of demographics and really understand what interests and motivates your audience to engage with you, and why they will buy from you. Using this simple model and template you can define and describe your ideal […]

What is a customer avatar? And why you need one.

What is a customer avatar? And why you need one. customer avatar

What is a customer avatar? And why you must have one. Your customer avatar should be the foundation of your marketing. It will provide you with all the information you need in order to target, engage and convert more of your ideal customers. So what is a customer avatar? A customer avatar is a distilled embodiment or […]

Brand and marketing promotions

Promotional strategies to grow your business. BOGOF. Buy one get one free. It may be crude, but it works. However this brutal supermarket-style discount offer has given promotions a bad name. Consequently many small to medium sized businesses shy away from the idea of doing promotions as they are perceived as too crude for their […]

Creating brand equity

Brand equity might seem like one of those lovely marketing type terms that have or add very little value. But this really is not the case. Building branding equity can impact your business in very real terms. In this video I walk through what Brand Equity is all about, why it is important to your […]