Facebook advertising for small businesses. Why it no longer works.

As a small business, I used to just love Facebook advertising. It was simple to use, traffic was cheap and you could send visitors to any page you liked. So getting a return on investment from your advertising spend was easy.

All you needed to do was build a simple landing page with an opt in form, and when your visitors opted in, you could just send them direct to an offer, or follow up with an email sequence.

Or better still, you could just create an Ad on Facebook and send them directly to your offer page. Either way, it worked.

The costs per click were around 8-12 pence each and audiences were very receptive. It was just like the good old days of cheap traffic on Google Adwords. The response rates and ROI were great!

However that’s all now changed.

And if you’re a small business and you’ve used Facebook Ads recently, then you’ll know what I mean. The cost per click have gone through the roof. The Facebook Ads Manager interface has got super complex, and Facebook users have become more blind and unresponsive to Ads.

The combination of these factors has led many small businesses to come to the conclusion that Facebook advertising does not work.

And they’re right, if you’re just talking about the old style Facebook advertising. But the game’s changed. There’s now a new way to generate low cost, highly engaged traffic to your web site, which I‘ll come to in a moment.

First it’s important to understand why the regular Facebook advertising is no longer working for small businesses, and then I’ll share with you a new Facebook advertising strategy that I’m currently using, which is getting fantastic results.

So let’s look in a little more detail how Facebook advertising has changed in just the last 12 months.

The first and most obviously thing is the cost per click. I’ve been using Facebook Ads consistently over the last two years. And in that time the costs per click have increased by over 300% (at least) and this is across pretty much every niche. This is not surprising and simply a consequence of the number of businesses now advertising on Facebook.

Facebook’s advertising is based on an auction model, so the more advertisers they attract that are willing to pay higher prices, the more the cost per click is driven upwards.

The second factor that has made Facebook advertising so much less effective and easy for business owners, is the complexity and confusion surrounding the Ads Manager interface. Quite simply, this seems to change almost weekly basis, with new features being added, whilst others are re-named or moved under different navigation headings.

Even if you use Facebook advertising regularly you can still struggle to keep up. And also in their bid to encourage more advertisers Facebook offer a vast range of targeting options – many of which seem to make little sense and others which are just confusing. At this moment in time you can create and target ads based on the following objective headings; Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. And within those there’s a huge array of other options like; Promote your page, Reach more people, Increase brand awareness, Send people to web site, Get video views etc. A total of 14 different objectives!

Facebook advertising small business

With this level of options and complexity, most small business owners would struggle to find the right objective to really deliver the result they want, at a price they can afford.

And the third and final reason why Facebook advertising has become so much harder, or stopped work altogether for some small businesses, is simple the fact that Facebook users have got used to seeing the Ads and become blind to them.

In the earlier days of Facebook adverting, users were interested and happy to click on anything that looked interesting. Now the advertising is more seen as slightly invasive and an unwanted guest in their Facebook feed, and something to be skimmed over or ignored.

When you combine all these factors together, it becomes really clear to see why advertising on Facebook probably still works for big business with large budgets, and why it is so much less effective for many small businesses with smaller budgets.

So now, let me tell you what you need to do as a small business with a limited budget, to get cheap, highly targeted and responsive traffic to your web site.

The strategy is Facebook post-boosting.

This single strategy has enabled me to grow my Facebook following 600% in the last 6 months and has enabled me to get clicks to my web site for as low as 2 pence per click and costs per optin to my mailing list as low as 9 pence. You can read more about this Facebook post-boosting strategy here.

And if you want to learn how to implement this strategy in your business, then you should attend one of my workshops where we literally create campaigns during the workshop. You can read more about these Facebook Boost-Posting Campaign Workshops here.

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