The Facebook Advertising Targeting Trap

Facebook Advertising Targeting

How To Escape The Facebook Advertising Targeting Trap

Are you still targeting your customers with Facebook Ads using Interests and basic demographics like age, gender and location?

If so, then you’re most likely paying far too much for your traffic and you’re missing out on Facebook’s most powerful targeting tools.

But it’s not all bad news.

Interest based targeting is the broadest and most basic level of targeting you can do within the Facebook advertising platform.

However it can work well in terms of getting you started and helping you initially identify your potential audience. And, when combined with Inclusions and Exclusion Audiences, can prove quite effective.

For this reason, Interest-based targeting is the starting point for most businesses looking to advertise on Facebook.

Upgrade Your Audience Targeting

However, many Facebook advertisers don’t realise that in order to drive down costs and increase conversions, they need to quickly progress to more sophisticated and more accurate Custom Audiences, which allow you to target based on Actions and Behaviours.

And unless you have a strategy to start building your Custom Audiences, you’ll always be caught in the Interest-based targeting trap, paying too much and getting poor results.

With your Facebook campaigns, your goal is to not just to achieve measurable short term results, but also to continually invest in creating better quality targeting that will deliver long term value.

From Interests to Actions

Custom Audiences use Facebook Pixel data from your actual customers and potential customers behaviours and actions.

So, who would you prefer to target;

People who have suggested they’re interested things similar to what you offer?

Or people who have demonstrated through their actions and behaviours that they are actually engaged in what you offer?

This is the different between Interest-based Audiences and Custom Audiences.

It’s also the reason why Custom Audiences will significantly increase the effectiveness of your campaigns whist also driving down your costs.

Once you have your Custom Audiences you can then use Facebook’s huge data sources to create a Lookalike Audience allowing you to massively expand your audience and scale your campaigns.

But, It Gets Better

However Custom Audiences are purely the next step in the process to increase your campaign effectiveness.

If you really want to drive down your costs and ensure you’re only targeting the right customers, then you need to be fully leveraging the Facebook Pixel and Algorithm using Custom Pixel Events and Facebook Conversion Campaigns.

With Custom Pixel Events on your website you can target and re-target visitors, prospects, and customers, based on actions and results, whether that’s sales, leads, or enquiries.

Once you can create Conversion Campaigns using Custom and Lookalike Audiences then you’ll be getting the best out of Facebook and you’ll be able to optimise your campaign and significantly reduce your cost per sale or cost per lead.

It’s Time To Break Free

If you want to get really good results from your Facebook Advertising campaigns, then you have to break free from your Interest-based targeting and start building really good quality Custom Audiences.

Once you have these in place, then you can really open up your campaigns and fully leverage the power of the Facebook platform to deliver more customers and sales for your business.


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