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The Facebook Advertising Toolkit

If you’re struggling to generate traffic and sales from your Facebook Advertising, then read this.


Jonathan Howkins Facebook Marketing Specialist

Jonathan Howkins,
Facebook Marketing Specialist

The Facebook Advertising Toolkit has been specifically developed for small business owners like yourself who want to generate more traffic and customers from Facebook, but are not sure where to start, or how to get real results.

And it’s also for you if you've already tried Facebook advertising, but have not yet achieved the high volumes of low cost traffic you expected.

The fact is, that most small business owners fail with Facebook advertising because of just one thing. 

But first let me be clear...

This isn't some sort of instant fix, or get rich quick type of training. This is for real businesses who want to grow by being able to generate a constant flow of high converting traffic to their web sites, for the lowest possible cost.

You see this training does require you to actually do something.

That said, with just a small investment in both time and money, you’ll be able to experience real results within just a couple of days from now.

So let me tell you exactly what you’ll be getting today.

First, this not is like any Facebook training you may have taken before. This training has been developed from real battle-tested strategies that are working right now in my business, enabling me to precisely target, engage and convert my Facebook traffic into customers.

It’s also been developed from the same strategies that Facebook themselves use to coach their top customers. I know, because I’ve had a Facebook representative work alongside me for 3 weeks and coach me on the RIGHT way to do this.

And these strategies are working right now for my private clients, who are in the both business to business, and business to consumer markets, selling both products and services.

So, I really believe this can work for you too.

And it’s easy.

You can complete this training in just a few hours a day, and have your campaigns up and running within 5 days, so you can start getting real results in less than a week.

It’s MORE than just about creating Facebook campaigns.

For example you can use this training to really understand what your ideal customers are thinking, and what they’re interested in.

You can learn how to create messages that will really engage them in your brand, and proposition.

And you can discover the triggers that will turn audience engagement, into actions.

You can use the Facebook Advertising Toolkit to sell all kinds of products and services, at all different price points.

For example I use the same strategy to get new leads for a financial advisor client of mine, and generate sales for a profession photography equipment manufacturer, a local networking business, and a bedroom furniture manufacturer.

So like I said, there's more to this training than ‘just’ creating successful Facebook campaigns.

Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

  • How to get your Facebook Base and Event Pixels correctly installed.
  • Why there is only 1 correct way to set up your campaigns.

  • Which one of the 9 audience targeting strategies is right for your business.
  • Which campaign type should you start with? (most businesses get this wrong!)

  • Why conversion campaigns don’t always get the best results

  • How to target your ideal customer, even if you’re not sure who that is yet.

  • Where to find the right type of customers who are ready to buy from you.

  • What to do it you’re getting traffic, but no one is buying your stuff.

  • What you should never talk about in your advertising copy.

  • How to get the Facebook algorithm to work for you.

  • Why you can forget most of your web site – you only need 3 pages.

  • What to do if you’ve tried everything, but you can’t seem to get real buyers to your site.

  • How to know if your targeting is fully optimised.

Learn how to fully leverage the Facebook Platform, Pixel and Algorithm, to generate more sales for your business.

The Facebook Advertising Toolkit is broken down into four Modules. Within each Module I’ll walk you through the Facebook strategies and thinking, so you clearly know exactly WHAT to do and WHY. Then I have a series of implementation videos, so you know exactly HOW to do everything.

In these videos I walk you step by step through every stage of building your campaign. You’ll be looking over my shoulder, as I show you how to navigate around the Facebook platform, so you can quickly and easily build your audiences, set up your campaigns, and create your ads.

Facebook Advertising Toolkit. Module 1

In Module 1 you'll discover how to navigate your way around the Facebook platform and understand exactly what you need to do, to generate a stream of high converting traffic to your site.

Facebook Advertising Toolkit. Module 2

In Module 2 you'll learn how to create audience targeting that will really connect with and engage your ideal customers. Targeting is the #1 secret to increasing engagement and reducing your costs. 

Facebook Advertising Toolkit. Module 3

In Module 3 I'll show you exactly how to set your campaigns up the RIGHT way, so you're getting your Facebook Pixel fully optimised. I'll also show you how to create your Facebook Ads, what imagery to use, and even what your Ads should say 

Facebook Advertising Toolkit. Module 4

In Module 4 you'll learn how to track and measure your results, so you KNOW you're making a great return on your advertising investment. I'll also show you how to use Facebook data to optimise your campaigns and increase your conversions rates.

Here's What To Do Next...

To get started right now with the Facebook Advertising Toolkit, simply click on button below to choose the best option for you. 

Experience real results for your business within just the next 7 days...

 Lara Jezeph 

 The Gut Health Coach 


"My past experience was a kind of throw enough money at it and gets the results, but I love how Jonathan explains things here. I use FB ads to attract my target audience to my webinars and being able to understand how things run on FB has helped so much.

I am hoping for a greater return this time round after using Jonathan’s toolkit to actually create custom and lookalike audiences rather than my usual shot gun approach. 

Jonathan explains things very clearly even for people who are very brand new to FB. He knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him and the toolkit to anyone who wants to gain maximum benefit from Facebook."

 Helen Trim 

 Text Quest 


"I am so pleased that I have completed the Facebook Advertising Toolkit. I wish that I had done the course a year ago and not wasted time and thousands of pounds, running ads in a disorganised, random way.

I found the course easy to access and I could take it at my own pace and replay bits when I needed to. This really helped me to absorb the information and retain it. 

Jonathan has an engaging, pleasant style and he can explain difficult concepts in a way that makes them accessible. I grasped things that I had struggled with and given up on. I learned about the wealth of information in Facebook’s metrics, and the best way to use this to improve my ads."

 Meirion Shaw 

 The Home Mover 


"I was a complete novice when I started the “Facebook Advertising Toolkit” course. Jonathan takes you through the thinking behind the Facebook, so you know what they’re looking for and, if you get it right, how cost effective it can be.

Each section starts with an overview of what he is going to be covering – and then by the end of the implementation elements, you can do it. Who knew how easy it could be? 

I have created my own Custom Audiences, put together my own engagement campaign and know how to measure and test it. The course has given me the confidence to go it alone – or to be able to ask the right questions when looking for someone to orchestrate a Facebook campaign for me. 

An easy to follow, excellent Facebook advertising course, from someone who knows."

"A perfect introduction to the practical use of Facebook advertising.  The right level of detail served up in digestible chunks gives you instantly useful guidance, and the confidence to continue discovering new opportunities to boost your business."
Theo @ Report Gorilla www.reportgorilla.com