Facebook Advertising Top 10 Targeting Strategies

Facebook Advertising 10 Targeting Strategies

How effective are your Facebook Ad Campaigns?

If you were getting a flood of new leads and sales – and an amazing return on your investment, it would be obvious how effective your Facebook advertising campaigns are.

But, it’s never that easy.

Most businesses are either getting no results whatsoever from their Facebook Ads, or they’re experiencing some success, but not really enough to justify the costs. However, they know they could be doing better.

The 3 must-have things!

What most businesses often don’t realise, is that getting great results from Facebook requires three things:

  • Patience. Getting great results with Facebook Advertising takes time (and investment). It can take 3-6 months to really optimise campaigns so they deliver predictable results and a solid return on investment.
  • Understanding. With Facebook Advertising (as with all online advertising), it’s essential to love your numbers. You need to constantly be testing, analysing your results and metrics – and be guided by your data.
  • Knowledge. You really need to understand the fundamental strategies that drive success on Facebook and the tools and techniques that allow you to make the most of this powerful Ads platform.

And there’s more…

It’s often not that easy for businesses to evaluate whether they’re already getting the best results possible from their Facebook Ads, or if they’re only just scratching the surface.

So this should really help…

What are you doing?

I’ve briefly summarised below my Facebook Advertising Top 10 Targeting Strategies.

Take a look at the list and see if you’re already fully utilising everything the Facebook Ads platform has to offer – or if you’re potentially missing out.

If you’re doing (or have done) everything on this list, then congratulations! You’re well on the way to getting the best you can from the Facebook Ads platform.

Anything less than all 10 – and you’ve still got work to do!

Facebook Advertising: Top 10 Targeting Strategies

  1. Installing The Facebook Pixel

This is the absolute essential starting point. Get the Facebook Pixel installed on your website so you can start to build up a profile of your ideal customer and then use this data to create Custom and Retargeting Audiences.

  1. Saved Audiences

If you’re new to Facebook Ads, then your starting point is to create some initial Saved Audiences which used demographic and interest-based targeting to build audiences which you can then test against each other to getting understand who and where your ideal audience are.

  1. Audience Layering

A further enhancement is to use the Inclusion and Exclusion options with your Saved Audiences to help improve and narrow your targeting. Using these options allows you to layer your audience interests, so you can define smaller, but more passionate audiences.

  1. Custom Audiences

This is the first major step towards improving your targeting and achieving better results. Your goal with Facebook is to progress to Custom Audiences as quickly as possible, so you can then target by ‘actions and behaviours’, rather than ‘demographics and interests’. There are many ways to create a Custom audience, but probably the easiest for most business is to use Pixel data from your Customer or Prospect lists, Website Traffic, or Videos on Facebook.

  1. Lookalike Audiences

Once you have a Custom Audience you can then tap into Facebook’s algorithm and create a Facebook Lookalike Audience. This will allow you to really scale your results as you’ll be using Facebook data to dramatically expand your audience size and reach.

  1. Retargeting

Retargeting traffic is often the lowest cost and highest converting traffic you’ll get, so you should always be running some type of retargeting campaign. The most common type of retargeting campaign would be using a Custom Audience based on website visitors. This might be retargeting prospects who visited but didn’t opt-in to your offer, or added an item to your cart, but didn’t purchase etc. However you can also retarget an audience who watched your videos. This can be very effective and low cost strategy for building engagement and trust, ready for when you make them an offer.

  1. Audience Extension

Now we’re getting a little more sophisticated in our targeting. Often one of the challenges with Facebook Ads is showing the same ad to the same people, which leads to saturation and Ad fatigue. A strategy you can use to extend your reach to new audiences is to use Lookalike Audiences and constantly remove, or exclude previous website visitors, or people who’ve already seen your video. You can do this by excluding your Custom Audience from your Lookalike Audience.

  1. Custom Pixel Events

Using Facebook Custom Pixel Events you can define visitor goals or pathways and give them a unique name and value. Creating these Events gives Facebook the information it needs to help you progress onto using the Conversion campaign objective.

  1. Conversion Targeting

This is where you will see the most significant reduction in your cost per action. Running Conversion campaigns means you’re targeting a result, goal or outcome rather than clicks or visitors, so often with Conversion campaigns you might see your traffic cost increase, but so will your conversion rate. Running Conversion campaigns allow s you to really open up your targeting as the Facebook algorithm doing all the work in terms of finding the right, high converting audience for you.

  1. Audience Compounding

Once you start to use and build Custom Audiences using the full range of options like website traffic, video views, prospect lists etc you can then re-use these to build new Custom Audiences by combining them, or excluding one from another etc. The range of options become extensive and the power and potential of Facebook really becomes clear. This is where the real fun begins!

With each of these strategies you should see your results progressively improve and your cost per lead, enquiry, or sale reduce.

However it’s not till you start to implement the last few strategies, that you’ll see your campaigns really take off.

Would you like some help?

If all of this looks complex, time consuming and hard work – you’re not wrong!

However, I can help you either by providing some analysis on your existing campaigns, training up you and your team, or providing agency services – ie I’ll do it all for you.

If you’d like to arrange a chat to discuss any of these options, then please Contact Me.

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