Facebook Audience Overlap | Make Sure You're Not Competing With Yourself!

Facebook Audience Overlap

Today we’re looking at a lesser-known feature of Facebook advertising, and that is Facebook Audience Overlap.

Now, this is a great little feature that can actually help you in terms of making sure you’re not competing with yourself in terms of Facebook Ads, which can have a damaging effect on both your ad performance and your costs.

But also where you can see potential for actually growing your audience?

Today we’ll look at; What is the Facebook Audience Overlap feature? Why it’s useful? and When should you use it?

So, as you may or may not know Facebook advertising works on an auction model, so basically the best performing ads are competing with each other for the top spot.

You’re competing to get your ad in front of your particular audience.

And so, potentially if you’re out there creating and running multiple campaigns, using different audiences, there is a possibility within your campaigns that there is an overlap.

So one audience is effectively competing with your other audience to get your Ad in front of your prospect, which means effectively you’re competing with yourself. This can impact your Ads performance and how much it’s going to cost you.

So, it’s important to really understand where those overlap are in your audiences, so you can decide whether you should run campaigns in parallel to one after the other.

But as I say by understanding the overlap that exists within your audiences you can also identify where you can run campaigns at the same time, and where you should run them separately.

To access this feature, start from your Ads Manager, then just go down and then select Audiences. The Facebook Audience Overlap feature is under the Actions sub-menu.

You can use this feature with your Facebook Saved Audiences, Facebook Custom Audiences and your Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

And if you’re not sure how to set up Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Lookalike Audiences, then check out one of my other videos as I cover each one of those separately.

But let’s assume that we’ve got some audiences created so, in my first example; what I was looking at doing is creating a new guitar product aimed at the beginner guitarist. And so, I was wondering who to target with and how could I target multiple audiences at the same time with different campaigns.

I started with one audience, which started out as a custom audience of people who got opted in to a beginner course. So, I had that and then I created a Lookalike Audience from that Custom Audience.

Then I’ve got another which is people who have engaged with my videos and the videos were about beginners products as well.

Each one of those audiences has about four hundred and twenty thousand people in it.

So, if I wanted to run two campaigns; one to the six week guitar Lookalike Audiences, and the other one to the Video Engagement Audience, I need know if I should run those campaigns at the same time or not?

Am I just overlapping my campaigns and my targeting the same people with two different messages at the same time?

To clearly see this, all you need to do is us the tick box by each of those audiences, and then under the tab that says Actions go the option called Facebook Audience Overlap.

You’ll then get an instant visual picture of what the actual overlap is between those two audiences.

Now, in my example there are four hundred and twenty thousand people in each audience, but the overlap is a hundred and seventy thousand, which is forty one percent.

So, not far off half of the people are actually in both audiences, in which case I probably wouldn’t want to run those two run campaigns at the same time.

But I might want to run them one after another because although they’ve got 41% of the same people that gives us 59% people who are not overlapping.

One thing to say is, if you’re going to use the Facebook Audience Overlap function its best to try and find audiences over that are of a similar size so, you can get a sense of how much genuine overlap there is within them.

But you can try it and the experiment with all sorts of different audiences to see what you get.

In anther example in the video, there’s only a 15% audience overlap so; in that case actually it’s quite small so, I could run two campaigns at the same time using those two different audiences.

This would allow me to reach a lot more people in a short period of time, with only a sort of relatively small chance of actually effectively competing with myself.

And that’s all there is to it.

It’s a question of just checking on some of your audiences, so you can understanding whether it’s a good idea to run campaigns to multiple audiences at the same time, or actually just to do them in sequence, testing one audience and then testing the other audience, and hopefully expand your opportunities by doing that.

So, hopefully that all makes sense and you should go ahead and try it for yourself. And if you’ve got any questions at all, you can just drop me a message or visit website at jonathanhowkins.com.

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