Facebook Messenger Marketing And Chatbots. Campaign Experiment

Facebook Messenger marketing

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Creating Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns with Many Chat.

So, what I wanted to do is give you a brief overview of actually what the campaign was, and have a look at some of the results, and tell you how you can find out more information about this.

Now, you may be already aware of Facebook Messenger and what’s happening with it.

It’s a tool within Facebook that’s been around quite some time yet, really it’s only more recently that it’s been widely accepted.

And now, I think there’s over 1.4 billion users of messenger, and now it’s starting to get some momentum with marketers as well.

One of the first things is that really surprised me about the messenger marketing, is the sort of stats when it comes to actually deliverability of your messages, the open rates, and the click rates.

Now, if you are already using email marketing then you’ve probably noticed over the recent years your open rates slowly going down and your click rates going down as well.

Even with a relatively engaged list, your open rates maybe at around twenty-five percent and click rates maybe fifteen percent.

But with messenger marketing, this campaign I’m doing, the open rates are 95.1% and even the click rate is sixty three point nine percent.

These are impressive numbers, even though it’s only from a very small sample.

But it gives you an idea as to how messenger marketing is really providing a far better and more engaged experience for users.

So, let me show you exactly what the campaign setup is, then what it looks like, and how it’s how it’s doing so far.

Okay, so what we started with is actually selecting on Facebook as our advertising objective, is the Messaging objective. So, that was our objective and then what we’re doing is creating an Ad and then integrating that with Many Chat, which is just one of a number of Chat automation platforms available.

We’re creating a simple message sequence within Many Chat, that allows visitors to subscribe to us, and we’ll give them a discount code that they can go and apply into an online store right now.
And then they got the choice of either going ‘Yes’ I want the code or ‘No’ I don’t want the code and in both cases actually we provided a link to the online store.

So it’s a very sort of simple funnel and very simple automation, but it’s just to start to get a feel as to how this actually works.

On the left side of the image you can see that’s there’s a Facebook Ad driving traffic to my online store.

In the Ad rather than the usual ‘Learn more’ button, this now says ‘Send message’.

Then when someone clicks on that send message, a message pops up in their Messenger App and basically says, hi, would you like the discount offer and gives them two options either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

If they select on the yes, because it’s on Facebook, you instantly get their name so, you can then personalise your message back to them straight away. For example I can say “OK Jonathan, just click the button below and your twenty percent discount will be at added to your purchases plus you get free shipping, so check out the online store”.

So, we’ve done a couple of things here.

Firstly obviously, we’ve targeted our audience side of it but actually the main thing is what we’re doing is getting people to subscribe to our messenger list.

So, you can actually have a an email list and you can have a list on Messenger too.

And once you’ve got subscribers on messenger, then you can create new campaigns, and new automations, send broadcast messages etc. And you can add tags, so there’s a tremendous amount you can actually do with Messenger.

So, that’s the simple steps I created for this campaign.

As you can see 61 people took the ‘yes’ option, and this message deliverability was 100%.

The open rates on that message are 95.1% and then of those, sixty three point nine percent actually click on the link to go and check out the site.

So, say from that point of view you’ve gained the subscriber plus you’ve got people going and visiting the store and you can then track exactly what they do from there.

And interestingly, even those people who didn’t want the discount offer, we still got a message Open Rate of 96%, and 26% still actually clicked to go and view the store.

From these early results, I’m going to be running all sorts of different campaigns and over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll share more about the different strategies and tactics where we use the combination of Facebook Messenger and Many Chat to build subscribers and generate more leads and sales.

Okay so, I hope that brief snapshot of one simple little campaign in Facebook Messenger was useful.

I’m very excited by the potential of Messenger marketing in terms of really engaging customers and I’m going to be running many more of these campaigns over the course of the next few weeks and months, and obviously I’ll look to share that with you.

So, if you like this sort of stuff and actually want to learn more about Facebook advertising and messenger marketing, do connect with me on Facebook Messenger here: https://m.me/jonathanhowkinsconsultant?ref=w2404849

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