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Facebook Post Boosting Blueprint:

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Cost per web site visitor: 3 pence.
Opt in rate: 38%
Cost per qualified lead: just 9 pence

These are results from a new strategy I’m using in my business, and it’s the same strategy I want to share with you, here today.

You see, recent changes in Facebook advertising have created a unique opportunity for many small business owners like you and me, to drive highly target traffic to our web sites, for just a few pence. But you can be sure, this opportunity won’t last forever, so now’s the chance for you to take advantage of it.

But just before I go into the detail of this Facebook Post Boosting Blueprint, I want to share with you why this opportunity exists, and what it means for you as a small business owner.

Firstly, without doubt, the targeting tools within the Facebook advertising platform, are fantastic for any business, looking to attract and engage their ideal customer. To start with there’s Demographic targeting – so you can focus on the right age group, gender and geographic location of your target audience.

Then there’s Interest targeting, so you can reach people, who are already interested in what you offer. And then there’s behavioural targeting, so you can understand exactly what your audience likes, and what they are most likely to respond to, right now.

These simple targeting tools, can remove all the guesswork and make sure you’re putting the right message, in front of the right audience.

But, there are some big problems with Facebook advertising, particularly for small business owners.

Firstly there’s the cost. Now, Facebook advertising used to be cheap. However, cost per click prices, have increased by over 300% across many niches, within the last 12 months alone – and it seems they’re getting more expensive all the time.

Now for many larger brands this is not a problem as Facebook is still cost effective, compared to other forms of advertising. But, for small business with lower budgets, this ongoing price increase is making getting a return on advertising spend even harder.

The second problem with Facebook advertising, is the sheer complexity of the Ads Manager interface. Currently there are 14 different targeting options or objectives, for you to choose from, when you create an campaign. Now, unless you’re something of the Facebook advertising specialist, or can afford a PPC agency, then it’s almost impossible now for small business owners, to understand the options and know they’re making the right choice for their business.

And the third problem, is ad blindness, or ad saturation. So as more and more and more ads are appearing on Facebook, so your audience getting used to seeing them – and, also used to ignoring them. Consequently unless your ads are really good, well written and professionally produced, they likely to be ignored.

Again this is not really an issue for big budget brands, with professional advertising agencies, but for small business owners, who are looking to run their own campaigns, this will potentially impact both traffic volumes and cost.

However, the good news is, you can now easily remove all those problems, as I did, by switching to Facebook boosted posts.

My current Post Boosting campaigns have been achieving a cost per audience engagement of less than 1 pence, and clicks to my web site for just 3 pence. This is a 90% reduction on the price I was paying for advertising clicks. You see Post boosting has virtually ALL the positives features of Facebook Advertising, plus it’s both simpler, and much cheaper.

So, how does Facebook post-boosting work and how is it different to Facebook Advertising?

Firstly with Facebook Advertising, the strategy is usually around getting your audience to take action by clicking a link to a web site. It’s sort of a single, one step process. But with boosted posts, the strategy is a little different. It’s more of a two step process, where the primary objective is all about building a connection and engagement between your audience and your brand, and a secondary objective of getting your audience to take action.

This means that with post boosting you’re initially looking create interaction on Facebook to establish trust and build brand credibility. And then use promotional posts to drive traffic to your offers, converting your highly motivated audience, into buyers.

But, the important point here is that NOW, with boosted posts you have access all the same powerful Facebook targeting tools, that used to be just for the regular advertising.

So in both cases you can create custom audiences that really target your ideal customers.

OK so with that in mind, let’s look at my post-boosting blueprint and the 5 fundamentals you need to get started with this strategy.

The first and probably most fundamental step is identifying and creating your ideal audience.

This audience should be based on what you know of your customer avatar or ideal customer profile. And you can use all the targeting tools within Facebook to create and save this audience. Within your custom audience you can include simple demographics like age, gender and location. Then you can add in more detail in terms of what interests or hobbies do they have? What do they like to do in their spare time?

You can take things a step further and look at your ideal customer’s behaviours and actions. So for example what personalities, products or brands do they like? Who are what do they like to be associated with? Also where else might they look for your type of product or service? And who are your competitors?

And you can go further still and look at what other brands are also targeting your ideal customer. For example if you’re looking to target small business owners, you should think about what other businesses and brands, also target that same audience. For example Xero accounting software spend a fortune targeting small businesses and have a big following on Facebook, so why not target people who like Xero.

That way you are automatically targeting the right demographic.

Within your custom audience you can simply add all this information to create a more detailed ideal customer profile. The better and more detailed the profile, the more effective your posts will be.

OK so with your custom audience saved, the next step is Messaging. What messages are you going to put in your posts, to engage your audience?

Well again you can think about your customer avatar and consider their “Pains & Gains” ie What is the problem or challenge they have, and what is the solution or outcome they are looking for?

Going through this thought process is a great way of coming up content ideas for your posts. And you can communicate these ideas in various ways, for example with simple image posts, written posts, videos, surveys, quizzes or polls.

A quick way to get started with this is to just look at your competitors Business Pages and just see what they do and what’s working for them!

OK so with your post created, you can now boost it to your saved custom audience. And we’re onto Step 3, Engagement.

This is the real test, and where you’ll instantly get to see if your message resonates with your audience.

If so, then your audience will immediately engage with it by Liking, Commenting and Sharing your post. And if there’s no engagement, then there’s just one of two things you need to change, either your audience, or your message. But you’ll only way to find this out, is by testing.

However, there is a shortcut to getting engagement.

And that is to once again take a look at your competitors pages. Have a look through their news feeds and see which of their post has good levels of engagement with their audience. Then simply borrow and adapt that post message to your brand and test it with your audience. That way you’ll immediately get a good idea if you’re on the right track.

OK onto Step 4, which is Relevance.

Relevance is hugely important and is the key to unlocking the real potential of boosted posts, as it will determine how much reach Facebook will give your post (ie how many people get to see it) and also what you’ll pay per engagement or click. Once your post has been boosted for a few hours you will see the Relevance score in the ads manager.

Now the precise detail of how Facebook decides on relevance, is hidden within their algorithm, however in simple terms, it’s determined by the level of engagement on your post (in terms of likes etc) and also quality of the page you are linking to. It’s very much like the Quality Score system with Google. Basically Facebook will reward you for providing a good relevant experience for your audience.

With your boosted posts you should be targeting a relevance score of 8 or above, to get the highest volume of traffic and at the lowest cost.

And finally onto step 5, which is all about Actions

Now although I’ve talked about the initial objective with boosted posts being engagement, at the end of the day this strategy is all about creating an audience who will take action and invest in your products and your brand. With that in mind, your posts should all generally have a link in the post description.

But this is not all about link clicks as Likes, Comments and Shares are also important and also do have a value in building your brand integrity and reducing costs. The great thing about this post-boosting strategy is its simplicity, speed and cost.

With your custom audience in place, all you need to do is create your post and hit ‘boost’ – then you select your custom audience, choose your budget and timescale, and place your order. I generally boost posts for 3 days, spending just £1 per day, so this really is a low risk, low cost strategy. And at the end of the 3 days, you’ll get some great data from Facebook Insights. This will tell you so much more about your audience and what is really resonating with them, so you can easily refine your messages and targeting, to get better conversions and more sales.

OK that’s a quick run through of the 5 key fundamentals behind this Facebook Post Boosting Blueprint.

So now it’s time to put it into action.

And the great thing is that you can actually get started with your first post boosting campaign in just a few hours – and start seeing real results in just a couple of days. But I know this can seem a little daunting to start with, which is why I’ve created this special Facebook post-boosting workshop.

In this workshop, I’ll remove all the uncertainty and guesswork on how to implement this strategy correctly to get the best results for your business. And I’ll be sitting right alongside you, and walking you step by step through the whole process of creating your first, post-boosting campaign.

I’ll show you exactly how to set up your Facebook Ads Manager & Post Boosting interfaces, so you can quickly and easily manage your campaigns and track results. And you learn how to create the right type of custom audiences for your business, so you can target more of your ideal customers, more effectively.

I’ll also show you how to identify the right types of post and the right objectives, so you can get maximum audience engagement and actions, for the minimum investment. This is a very hands on workshop with just myself and a few other business owners like yourself, so you’ll have almost one on one help and support directly from me for the whole day.

But spaces are limited to a maximum of 10 people, so you’ll need to act now to reserve your spot. Simply visit the Facebook Post-Boosting Workshop page right now to book your place.

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