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If you’re looking to get more traffic, engagement, and customers from Facebook, then here’s exactly what you need...

Are Your Ideal Customers On Facebook?

If you’re totally new to Facebook Advertising and are looking for a good place to start, then you should grab a copy of my new book ‘How To Find More Of Your Ideal Customers On Facebook’. Learn more here.

In this book I walk you through a simple 3-Step system, so you can quickly and easily identify 'IF' your ideal customer is on Facebook, and exactly 'WHAT' you need to do and say, to engage and connect with them.

Are You Ready To Master Facebook Advertising?

For businesses owners who want to dive in right now and start creating successful Facebook Advertising campaigns, then this is for you.

The Facebook Advertising Toolkit. This modular video-based training will enable to you confidently create, manage and measure your own Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Learn more here.

Would You Like Some Additional Expert Guidance?

If you want to create and manage your own Facebook campaigns, but also want some 1:2:1 help and support from an expert, guiding you through the right way to do things, then this is for you.

The Facebook Advertising Toolkit PLUS 1:2:1 Coaching. This package includes the price of the Facebook Advertising Toolkit, plus 2 hours of 1:2:1 coaching and guidance from me.

These coaching sessions are best taken once you have completed the course and are ready to start running and testing your campaigns. So in your first session we can make sure you’re targeting is right and your campaigns are structured to get the best results possible. Then in the second session we can review your results and map out a clear strategy and plan for your next campaign.

Are You Running Ads, But Not Getting Results?

If you’re already running Facebook campaigns, but are not getting the results you hoped for, or need, then this is for you.

Facebook Advertising Coaching Sessions. You may just need help to refine your campaign messages, or understand your metrics more clearly. Or you may be ready to implement some more advanced targeting strategies.

Whatever your challenge with Facebook advertising, these 1 hour coaching calls can ensure you’re maximizing your return on investment for your advertising spend.

This coaching and guidance offers you a simple and highly cost-effective way of accessing my specialist Facebook Advertising expertise, just when you need it.

These coaching calls are structured into 1 hour sessions delivered by Skype or Zoom, where we’ll be focused on boosting the effectiveness of your campaign, so you can drive more highly target traffic, for less.

Would You Like To Have A Facebook Expert Run Your Campaigns For You?

If you’ve neither the time, inclination, or skills, to create and deliver high converting Facebook campaigns, then this is for you. With this service I handle everything for you, from your audience targeting, creative and campaign setup, through to measurement, reporting and conversion optimization.

For further details please message me via my contact page here and we can arrange a call to see how I might be able to help you.

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Instant Online Access To The Facebook Advertising Toolkit

This modular video-based training will enable to you confidently create, implement, and measure your own Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

£297 GBP


The Facebook Advertising Toolkit,
PLUS 1:2:1 Coaching Sessions

This package includes the price of the Facebook Advertising Toolkit, plus 2 hours of 1:2:1 Skype coaching calls and guidance from me.

£397 GBP)


Facebook Advertising Coaching. 
4 x 1-Hour Sessions

This package includes 4 hours of 1:2:1 Facebook coaching with me via Skype. These individual 1-hour sessions can be booked anytime within a 3 month period.

£497 GBP

 Lara Jezeph 

 The Gut Health Coach 


"My past experience was a kind of throw enough money at it and gets the results, but I love how Jonathan explains things here. I use FB ads to attract my target audience to my webinars and being able to understand how things run on FB has helped so much.

I am hoping for a greater return this time round after using Jonathan’s toolkit to actually create custom and lookalike audiences rather than my usual shot gun approach. 

Jonathan explains things very clearly even for people who are very brand new to FB. He knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him and the toolkit to anyone who wants to gain maximum benefit from Facebook."

 Helen Trim 

 Text Quest 


"I am so pleased that I have completed the Facebook Advertising Toolkit. I wish that I had done the course a year ago and not wasted time and thousands of pounds, running ads in a disorganised, random way.

I found the course easy to access and I could take it at my own pace and replay bits when I needed to. This really helped me to absorb the information and retain it. 

Jonathan has an engaging, pleasant style and he can explain difficult concepts in a way that makes them accessible. I grasped things that I had struggled with and given up on. I learned about the wealth of information in Facebook’s metrics, and the best way to use this to improve my ads."

 Meirion Shaw 

 The Home Mover 


"I was a complete novice when I started the “Facebook Advertising Toolkit” course. Jonathan takes you through the thinking behind the Facebook, so you know what they’re looking for and, if you get it right, how cost effective it can be.

Each section starts with an overview of what he is going to be covering – and then by the end of the implementation elements, you can do it. Who knew how easy it could be? 

I have created my own Custom Audiences, put together my own engagement campaign and know how to measure and test it. The course has given me the confidence to go it alone – or to be able to ask the right questions when looking for someone to orchestrate a Facebook campaign for me. 

An easy to follow, excellent Facebook advertising course, from someone who knows."

"A perfect introduction to the practical use of Facebook advertising.  The right level of detail served up in digestible chunks gives you instantly useful guidance, and the confidence to continue discovering new opportunities to boost your business."
Theo @ Report Gorilla www.reportgorilla.com