If you’re looking to get more traffic, leads, and sales from Facebook advertising, then here’s exactly what you need...

Facebook Advertising Toolkit

This Package Includes:
Step-by-Step Video Training
Lifetime Access
90-Day Money Back Guarantee
Full Email Support
Single One-Off Payment


Facebook Advertising Toolkit + Personal Coaching

This Package Includes:
The Facebook Advertising Toolkit
PLUS 2 x 60-Minute Skype Coaching Sessions
90-Day Money Back Guarantee
Full Email Support
Single One-Off Payment


Facebook Campaign Kickstarter

This Package Includes:
Facebook Ads Manager Setup
Custom Audience Creation
Facebook Pixel Setup
3-Week Campaign Creation
Ad Creation 
Headline & Copywriting
Custom Metrics Setup
Campaign Analysis & Reporting
Full Email Support
Single One-Off Payment 


Facebook Campaign Optimiser

This Package Includes:
Full Campaign Creation
Facebook Pixel Setup
Ad Creation
Headline & Copywriting
Campaign Analysis
Custom Metrics Setup
Campaign Analysis & Reporting
Campaign Optimisation
Ad Creative Split Testing
Full Email Support
Minimum 3 months
(Excludes Account Setup)


The Facebook Advertising Toolkit:
Your DIY Solution

For businesses owners who want to dive in right now and start creating successful Facebook Advertising campaigns for themselves, then The Facebook Advertising Toolkit is for you.

This modular step-by-step training will enable to you confidently create, manage and measure your own Facebook Advertising Campaigns. With 18 super detailed videos, you'll be able to get your campaigns up and running within just a few hours. 

This training will not only give you the strategies behind successful Facebook campaigns, but also the detailed walk-throughs of exactly how to create these campaigns for yourself. Contact me for full details and pricing.

Facebook Advertising 1:2:1 Coaching:
Your Guided Solution

If you want to create and manage your own Facebook campaigns, but also want some 1:2:1 help and support from an expert, guiding you through the right way to do things, then The Facebook Advertising Toolkit PLUS 1:2:1 Coaching is for you. 

This package includes the price of the Facebook Advertising Toolkit, plus 2 hours of 1:2:1 coaching and guidance. These coaching sessions are best taken once you have completed the course and are ready to start running and testing your campaigns. 

So in your first session we can make sure you’re targeting is right and your campaigns are structured to get the best results possible. Then in the second session we can review your results and map out a clear strategy and plan for your next campaign. Contact me for full details and pricing.

Facebook Campaign Kickstarter:
Let Me Do It For You

If you want to get up and running with your first Facebook campaign as soon as possible, and you want to know it's all been done 'the right way', then the Facebook Campaign Kickstarter is for you.

With this Campaign Kickstarter I'll set up your complete campaign for you, based on your main objective of either audience building, generating leads, or making sales.

I'll make sure your audience targeting is right, your campaign is correctly structured, and your copy and imagery are going to get the best possible results for you.

And once your campaign has finished, I'll provide you with all the key metrics, and talk you through exactly what you need to do next, to progress your campaigns and get even better results. Contact me for full details and pricing.

Facebook Campaign Optimiser:
Giving You The Best Return On Investment

If you've already been running Facebook campaigns, but just not getting the results you want or need. Or, if you know you're not fully leveraging the Facebook Pixel and Algorithm to optimise your return on investment, then the Facebook Campaign Optimiser package is for you.

With the Campaign Optimiser package I'll do exactly as the name suggests. I'll really get into your metrics to refine your campaigns, making sure you're utilising the best Custom Audiences, and that your messaging is really connecting with your audience, driving down costs, and increasing conversions.

Getting great results and optimising campaigns takes time, so you will need to be prepared to commit to 3-months for this to work effectively, and for you to get the best return on your advertising investment. Contact me for full details and pricing.

Facebook Campaign Optimiser: Multi-campaign
Scaling Your Campaigns & Results

If you're looking to scale your Facebook marketing and start running multiple campaigns simultaneously, then Facebook Campaign Optimiser: Multi-campaign is for you.

This offers all the same benefits the regular Facebook Campaign Optimiser service, but I'll be managing and optimising multiple campaigns. Contact me for full details and pricing.

Here's What Other Business Owners Have To Say...

"The Facebook Advertising Toolkit is a perfect introduction to the practical use of Facebook advertising. The right level of detail served up in digestible chunks gives you instantly useful guidance, and the confidence to continue discovering new opportunities to boost your business." 
Theo @ Report Gorilla www.reportgorilla.com

 Lara Jezeph 

 The Gut Health Coach 


"My past experience was a kind of throw enough money at it and gets the results, but I love how Jonathan explains things here. I use FB ads to attract my target audience to my webinars and being able to understand how things run on FB has helped so much.

I am hoping for a greater return this time round after using Jonathan’s toolkit to actually create custom and lookalike audiences rather than my usual shot gun approach. 

Jonathan explains things very clearly even for people who are very brand new to FB. He knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him and the toolkit to anyone who wants to gain maximum benefit from Facebook."

 Helen Trim 

 Text Quest 


"I am so pleased that I have completed the Facebook Advertising Toolkit. I wish that I had done the course a year ago and not wasted time and thousands of pounds, running ads in a disorganised, random way.

I found the course easy to access and I could take it at my own pace and replay bits when I needed to. This really helped me to absorb the information and retain it. 

Jonathan has an engaging, pleasant style and he can explain difficult concepts in a way that makes them accessible. I grasped things that I had struggled with and given up on. I learned about the wealth of information in Facebook’s metrics, and the best way to use this to improve my ads."

 Meirion Shaw 

 The Home Mover 


"I was a complete novice when I started the “Facebook Advertising Toolkit” course. Jonathan takes you through the thinking behind the Facebook, so you know what they’re looking for and, if you get it right, how cost effective it can be.

Each section starts with an overview of what he is going to be covering – and then by the end of the implementation elements, you can do it. Who knew how easy it could be? 

I have created my own Custom Audiences, put together my own engagement campaign and know how to measure and test it. The course has given me the confidence to go it alone – or to be able to ask the right questions when looking for someone to orchestrate a Facebook campaign for me. 

An easy to follow, excellent Facebook advertising course, from someone who knows."