Facebook Video Engagement Targeting

Video Engagement Targeting

If you’re struggling with your Facebook audience targeting, then you should read this article now.

In the next few of minutes I’ll share with you a simple Video Engagement Targeting strategy that can effortlessly increase the accuracy of your audience targeting, by getting the Facebook algorithm to do the hard work for you.

I also want to show you, how I’ve used this same strategy to increase my campaign relevance score from 6, right up to a score of 10. And, how I’ve also reduced my cost per click from 31 pence, down to just 7 pence.

Now as you probably already know, if you can target your audience more accurately, then you can increase your audience engagement levels, your click through rates and your relevance scores.

Which in turn will reduce the cost of your clicks and traffic to your site.

Plus a more engaged audience, is far more likely to convert into a customer.

But just to be totally clear with you, this is not something you can just implement overnight. This takes about 7-10 days to fully optimise, and you’ll need to be prepared to invest a small amount of time and money to really get it to work.

But the results I’ve achieved for myself and my clients have been impressive. And I’m sure it will be worth the investment for you to test this for yourself.

So let’s take a quick look at this strategy and how to implement it.

There are 2 steps or stages to implementing strategy, but in essence this is all about building a highly targeted Custom Audience, using a single video, and the Facebook algorithm.

So the fist step starts with a short, 5-10 minute video and some broad targeting, as we look to build audience engagement.

And then in Step 2 we use that engagement to first create a new Custom Audience and then create Lookalike audience which is then leveraging the Facebook data and algorithm.

So you end up with a large, but highly targeted audience, which you can then use for your traffic and conversion campaigns.

Now the first thing to note is that the video you use for this, should be around 5-10 minutes in length, and not be promotional. It should look to offer real value to your audience.

So it could be a product demonstration video, or it could be a video that addresses a concern your target audience has about your product or service.

Or it could be a video that offers valuable tips and advice, to provide a solution, to a problem that your audience has.

So once you have your video ready to go, you simply set up a new campaign based on the Video Views campaign objective. And you keep your audience targeting fairly broad.

You see the main objective of this first stage is not to get clicks and drive traffic, but to identify who your ideal audience are, and to build engagement.

For example I have an online business is in the guitar niche. And so for my campaign I set the targeting to simply anyone interested in ‘acoustic guitar’.

Now this is very broad and generic interest targeting, which creates a potential audience of a few million people.

But that’s fine. Because at this stage you want targeting fairly broad.

And with video views campaigns, the costs per view are very low, so you only have to invest a small amount of money to get some initial results.

OK so get your campaign running. I usually set a budget of around £3-5 per day and let it run for anything from 7-10 days.

And I’ll show you the results of that in just a minute. But first let me tell you about Step 2 of the strategy, because this is where things get interesting.

OK so your video views campaign has been running for a while and you should now have plenty of data with regards to how may people have watched your video.

So now we need to create a new Custom Audience based on the people who have actually watched your video.

But we want to make sure this new Custom Audience is based on viewers having watched at least 25% of the video – as these are the people who are not just casually interested, but who are really engaged in what you have to say or offer.

Then the next step is to create a Lookalike Audience from this Custom Audience.

Now this is where you’re leveraging the power of the Facebook algorithm.

Because although your custom audience might be relatively small, it is highly targeted, and contains all the data of your ideal audience.

So when you expand this audience using the Lookalike function, you’re really asking Facebook to find more people who share the same demographics, characteristics and behaviours.

So in these two simple steps you’ve gone from a large but untargeted audience to a probably equally large, but more highly targeted audience.

And now you can use this new Lookalike Audience for your traffic and conversion campaigns.

So, let’s take a look at how this has worked for me.

Here’s Stage 1 of the Video Views Campaign.

So here you can see I’ve spent £9.34, reached 3,690 people and got a relevance score of 6. And my cost per 10 second view is just 1pence. However I tend to ignore this figure, because a 10 second view does not really have any value.

But in the next column you can see 99 people have watched 25% of the video. And this is a 16 minute video. So they’ve watched at least 4 minutes of it and so you’d have to say they pretty interested!

So the next column shows the number of outbound clicks. Now as I said, I’m not primarily interested in clicks and traffic with this first stage, but I still include a link in the Ad, as I want to measure everything.

So I got 30 outbound clicks to my site at a cost of 31 pence each.

Now let’s look at Stage 2 of the campaign.

This is using my new Custom Audience and the new Lookalike Audience I created. As you can see I’ve only spent £5.65 to date on this campaign, but it’s still running. However there’s enough data to see how this is going.

So here we’ve reached 4,610 people so far and our relevance score is now at 10!

My cost per 10 second view is down to less than half a penny and 284 people have watched at least 25% of the video. So my cost for getting an engaged viewer has gone from around 9 pence down to around 2 pence.

Also my number of outbound clicks is 91, which means my cost per outbound click is just 7 pence.

Now I’m still doing a load more testing to see how this works in different situations, but as you can see the results are impressive.

So why not go and test this strategy for yourself and see what you can do.

As I always say to my clients, I believe the route to success with Facebook Advertising, is in the targeting.

OK I hope you found that useful and if you want more information and strategies like this, then grab a copy of my new book in which I share with you a simple 3-Step Facebook Targeting system, so you can discover How To Find More Of Your Ideal Customers On Facebook.

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