Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies:
Discover How To Drive Your Sales Conversions, Using The Awesome Power Of The Facebook Pixel. 

Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies

In order to achieve great results from Facebook Advertising, you must be able to fully understand and utilise the phenomenal power of the Facebook pixel.

Used correctly, the Facebook pixel will not only provide you with great customer insights, but it will also allow you to fully leverage the Facebook Algorithm to directly target buyers.

The combination of the Facebook pixel, plus the Facebook algorithm, gives you the perfect tool set to drive the highest level of sales conversion, for the lowest cost. My most recent campaigns have been achieving opt in rates as high as 40.88% and sales conversion rates of 26.56% and above.

But, I didn't get these great results by myself... I cheated!

"I must admit, I haven't achieved my results through hard work, guesswork, or trial and error. I cheated and took the short-cut. You see, I learnt these pixel and conversion strategies directly from my Facebook Advertising Rep, so I know they represent the "Best Practice" standards in Facebook Advertising, and are designed to work with all types of business!"

Jonathan Howkins
Facebook Marketing Specialist

What You Will Learn In
This One-Day Workshop:

  1. How to set up your Facebook pixel and create and install 'Event' pixels to target the right conversions.
  2. How to create super-targeted audiences using a 3 tier approach, working from Engagement, to Action and finally Conversion.
  3. How to structure your campaigns for best practice split testing, so you can drive the highest conversions at the lowest cost.
  4. How to manage your campaigns and continually grow and refresh your audiences so you can sustain long term sales success.

My recent campaigns have been getting opt in rates as high as 40% and sales conversions at over 26%.

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Note: This workshop is not for beginners. You should already have a Facebook business page and have some basic experience of running Facebook Ads before attending this workshop.

If you're unsure if this workshop is right for you, then simply call me, or email me via the Contact page.