Lead Generation With Facebook Advertising

Discover how to crack the Lead Generation Code with Facebook Advertising. If you want to generate more leads and sales from your website, then Facebook Advertising is a great place to start.

But, driving traffic is only ONE part of the solution.Cracking the Lead Generation Code is not just about getting more web site visitors, it’s about getting real Results i.e. More leads and sales for your business. 

And the good news… there is a formula for success!

Facebook Advertising 10 Targeting Strategies
Facebook Advertising Targeting

 Discover the right combination…Lead Generation success is the combination of creativity, messaging and metrics. It’s about really understanding your audience’s emotional and motivation triggers… 

And then strategically and systematically implementing, testing, and refining ALL these things to increase your conversions… and decrease your costs. 

Let me help you crack the Lead Generation Code, so you can start getting more leads and sales for your business.

1. IDEAS What creative imagery and content will instantly attract and connect with your audience?

2. ACTIONSWhat messages and offers will engage your audience and motivate them to take the action?

3. RESULTSWhat are the numbers and metrics that will drive your conversions and optimise your ROI?Click the button below to book your 30-Minute Discovery Call with me.

Here’s What Other Business Owners Have To Say…

Anna Georgakakos

I was blown away by Jonathan’s knowledge, and the insight that he gave into the complicated world of getting Facebook advertising set up properly and working effectively and efficiently. I learnt so much in a few hours.Anna Georgakakos The Artful Dog Studio www.theartfuldogstudio.co.uk

Adrian Brown

If you are like me you will have meddled with Facebook Campaigns and had some varied results. Just attended Jonathan’s Facebook Advertising Campaign Creation workshop and learned more in three hours that I have ever learned before…AND importantly know how to put it into action straight away.Adrian Brown Business Coach www.2be2serve.com

Antony Baglioni

Jonathan’s Facebook Advertising workshop is inspiring. He cuts through the Facebook maze simplifying what can become exhausting and confusing. Probably the most effective few hours of Facebook advertising training out there.Antony Baglioni Entrepreneur and business owner

Wendy Alexander

I attended a half day workshop on Facebook Advertising Campaign Creation. It was incredibly useful as it helped my understanding of the first steps in gaining an audience and engagement. I heartily recommend attending if you get the opportunity.Wendy Alexander Entrepreneur and business owner

Charlotte McGhie

Jonathan was a pleasure to work with – Very capable and responsive. We would definitely work with him in the future on managing social campaigns.Charlotte McGhie Marketing Manager HGV Training Group