About Jonathan Howkins

As a Facebook advertising specialist, Jonathan Howkins brings together his own skills and experience as an online marketer, together with coaching he’s received direct from Facebook, to create simple strategies and tactics for generating profitable sales from Facebook advertising.

With a background in advertising, Jonathan’s spent 14 years as a Creative and Brand Strategy Director for an international award-winning advertising agency. In 2010 he left the agency world and corporate clients to focus on helping smaller businesses develop and implement online marketing strategies.

Currently, in addition to coaching individual business owners, Jonathan runs his own online business in the guitar teaching niche. This business has been built exclusively through Facebook advertising. In just the last 10 months Jonathan has run 1,028 Facebook campaigns, generated 11,584 email subscribers, and gained 2,963 new customers.

He now shares his experience, strategies and tactics, to help other small to medium sized businesses fully leverage the power of Facebook advertising.